Caffeine in your mug and skincare

All we want to say in this blog is that the mug of black coffee that you’re holding is actually a potion for your skin too. The substance that we’re talking about is caffeine which is generally present in coffee and tea. Caffeine is the reason why coffee and tea are the starters for everyone’s day. But before you get addicted to using caffeine on your skin, here’s what you must know!


1.What is caffeine and what does it do?

    Caffeine is a hydrophilic substance commonly known for its ability to de-puff the ‘panda eyes’. But let’s understand what else can these wonder beans do. They’re vasoconstrictors which means that they constrict the blood vessels. They can break down cellulite due to increased blood circulation to give smooth skin. These beans are also great to protect you from free radicals which are present around you right now and leading to oxidative stress on your skin. Good for you, the beans are rich in antioxidants and can fight free radicals. Caffeine is also known to effectively penetrate the upper layer of the skin and degrade fats. However, it can’t be a recipe for weight loss since the topical application of caffeine can only degrade the subdermal fats. So is it used just for skin? Nah, it can also be used to promote hair growth since it inhibits an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase that synthesises Dihydrotestosterone(DHT), popularly known for male-patterned hair loss. So to sum it up, here’s how caffeine benefits you:

    • Reduces cellulite (Check our Bomb bum cream to try caffeine on stretch marks!)
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Protects from free radicals
    • Improves hair growth
    • De-puffs the skin


      2.Can all skin types use caffeine in skincare?

        Every skin is unique and not all ingredients can suit a skin type. Some of us could have caffeine sensitivity. Meaning, it can irritate and lead to redness. This is because it increases the blood flow by constrciting the blood vessels. So to test that your skin matches with caffeine, apply it on jawline or behind your ears for a few days.


        Thanks to science that caffeine has been discovered because we don’t what’d be this world like without it!

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