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DND Under
Eye Mousse

Introducing our unique under-eye mousse, it stays put, goes deep into your under-eye area, and gives you a great lift, instant brightness, and a refreshing burst of moisture. Made with caffeine, exotic butters, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

✔ Stubborn dark circles
✔ Puffiness
✔ Wrinkles and fine lines

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CEO Serum

CEO serum is a unique blend of carefully chosen ingredients designed specifically for Indian skin concerns.

✔ Acne and acne scars
✔ Pigmentation
✔ Dull and uneven skin tone
✔ Irritation and redness.


Sunny side up sunscreen
Cookie & Cream

Sunny side up sunscreens are formulated specifically for the various shades of Indian skin, addressing the skin concerns that arise from sun exposure.

Both the sunscreens are:
✔ Non comedogenic
✔ Suitable for acne-prone skin
✔ Sweat & water resistant
✔ Rich in antioxidants
✔ Block pollution, blue light, WiFi, and UV rays

Sunny Side Up Cream:
Custom made sunscreen to address the specific concerns of lighter skin tones on the FitzPatrick Scale (I, II, III).

✔ Sun burn
✔ Itching
✔ Redness & inflammation
✔ Peeling

Sunny Side Up Cookie:
Custom made sunscreen to address the specific concerns of darker skin tones on the FitzPatrick Scale (IV, V, VI).

✔ Pigmentation
✔ Dark spots
✔ Tanning
✔ Sun damage

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Bomb Bum Cream

Bomb bum cream is a fast absorbing body cream infused with opulent butters, botanical extracts, caffeine & peptides. It helps visibly tightens skin appearance, increases hydration, boosts collagen & provides elasticity.

✔Stretch marks

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Get to know Skinvest

Skinvest is a premium, award winning, result oriented skincare brand for the youth of India, addressing their niche skincare needs in a qualitative and medically approved way. The products are curated by dermatologists and are clinically tested for safety, non-irritation, sensitivity, and effectiveness - bridging the gap between clinical and cool. The brand is here to transform the way you feel about skin issues, focus on being inclusive, gender neutral, fun, and bold

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Skintellectual Encyclopedia

We want you to be curious, dig deeper and care about what you use on your skin. As a brand that believes in the idea of total transparency, here's a list of every single ingredient that we use in our product formulation along with their functions, roles and benefits :)

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