Light it up SPF

SPF 40 PA ++++ mist
De-tan + Hydrate + Protect

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100 ml

Why Light it up is for you
Light it up is not like any other sunscreens. It’s not just sun protection; it's a game-changing solution. It’s a triple action formula that de-tans, hydrates and protects with SPF 40 PA ++++. The best part - it’s a mist that makes the application and re-application hassle-free. This weightless liquid potion with a comforting aroma makes it easier for you to invest in your skin.

How it feels
A luxurious mist that feels like pure silk gliding effortlessly onto your skin. This lightweight formula absorbs in seconds, leaving behind a non-greasy - smooth, soothed, and hydrated skin feel.

What it does
  • Effectively targets and removes tan and pigmentation
  • Provides advanced sun protection with SPF 40 PA++++
  • Hydrates and balances skin tone for a radiant complexion
  • Fast-absorbing, light-weight and non-comedogenic
  • Non-aerosol and non-alcohol based mist for safe application
  • Addresses specific areas prone to skin darkening and irritation
  • Hassle-free, easy to use and sustainable packaging
How to use
Shake the bottle and evenly spray on your body. Focus on the areas you need to address tan and pigmentation like underarms, inner thigh, neck, knees and elbows. Run your hands over gently massage to let your skin soak it in. For pro-longed sun protection, reapply as needed, especially after swimming or sweating. To apply on your face, spray a couple of times onto your hands and then pat it gently onto your face. Avoid direct contact with your eyes.

Magic mix
  • Licorice root
  • Mulberry extract
  • Kumkumadi tailam
  • Vitamin E
  • Squalane
  • Bakuchiol
Who it’s for

Light it up is designed for everyone, regardless of skin type or gender and even safe for pregnant and lactating women.

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