At Skinvest, we believe in a simple, uncomplicated skincare routine with a few products that pack the punch of 20. We formulate skincare that gets you results worth putting up an IG story for! Blending exciting concepts with powerhouse ingredients, our formulations are extensively researched for efficacy. Each product is dermatologically tested and clinically proven, delivering results without compromise.

We’ve lived your problems, and we know how to solve them.

For the longest time, skincare has been made for and tested on skin that neither looks like Indian skin nor solves its problems. So we thought, it’s high time that’s changed for good. 

Skinvest is formulated and concocted at our home turf in India, by a young team of Indian skincare experts. Each of our products is made to solve problems typical to Indian skin, our weather, pollution levels, and lifestyles.

Gender? Irrelevant.
It’s you we care about.

Your skin type has nothing to do with your gender identity. It doesn’t matter which ‘section’ you pick Skinvest products from; everything from our science-backed formulations to the fun packaging knows no boundaries. 

Your skin doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?

Investing in your skin = investing in you

At Skinvest, we're about celebrating all of you – your uniqueness as well as your imperfections so that you feel confident and badass in your skin. Whether it's pimple scars or stretch marks, we see them as part of what makes you beautifully you. That's why our products are made to show your skin some much-deserved TLC. Because loving yourself means embracing every bit of your journey – flaws and all.

We can’t tell you what beauty is. Nobody should. But we can tell you what it’s not. 

It’s not an exotic ingredient. It’s not a miracle cure. And it definitely isn’t about impossible standards.

Clinical skincare made cool.

Life’s hard as it is. Your skincare doesn’t need to be. 

That’s why we've made investing in your skin a no-brainer—easy, effective, and hassle-free. Whether you're squeezing in a quick 5-minute routine or indulging in a full-on self-care session, our products deliver results you can see and feel.

We are also highly particular and mindful about what we promise our products can do for you: Not miracles. Results. Actual, achievable results. No half-truths. No pseudoscience. We’re transparent about the ingredients we use in our products, and we encourage you to look under the hood. 

About the founder:

Skincare has always been personal for me. Growing up, I faced terrible acne for which I had to apply ointments that looked and smelled so sad, it made me feel like something was wrong with me. 

Later, during my undergraduate years, my friends and I took a trip together. We all hailed from different ethnicities and had varying skin types. But all of us happened to use the same sunscreen for the beach, and it was interesting how it affected all of our skin types differently. That got me thinking – skincare that’s formulated specifically for young, brown people is rare. Hence began my 2 year-long research, surveys, working and re-working on the formulations with dermatologists, and clinical trials to lay the foundation for Skinvest. 

In February 2022, Skinvest came to life with a small, young team of skincare nerds and experts who’ve faced the problems we now create solutions for. Because effective, medical-grade skincare doesn’t have to be boring or arduous. 

I founded Skinvest with a conviction to build a skincare brand that caters to the unique problems of young Indian skin, with an emphasis on innovation, transparency, inclusivity, and all the good vibes that make you look forward to your skincare regime. 

Here’s to investing in your skin.  

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