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Brown skin is overlooked by the beauty industry despite the fact that it is more sensitive, prone to pigmentation and needs special attention and care.
Moreover, Indian youth and millennials need a brand that caters to their unique skincare concerns such as pigmentation, acne, sun damage, cellulite, stretchmarks and dark circles. Skinvest bridges this gap with innovative products that cater to these concerns while focusing on gender neutrality and mental health advocacy. We are setting revolutionary new standards by providing high quality, cruelty free, vegan, paraben and phthalate free skincare in India.

Skincare is self care, mental health care, a form of self love and an experience all together. We at Skinvest are on a mission to transform the way you feel about skin through clinically proven, effective, clean, dermatologist formulated, gender neutral, innovative and fun products. We have collected what our adventurous and bold Indian youth needs and wants from modern skincare to serve their niche skin needs with 5 clinical but cool products.

We want Skinvestors to embrace their skin, feel empowered and informed as our skin is our 1 permanent home.
invest in your skin. It’s damn worth it.

Our 5 innovative and unique products are full of antioxidants, powerful natural botanicals, skin replenishing and restoring, pigmentation and acne treating ingredients that improve skin’s overall health while delivering notable results.

invest in your skin.

Skincare is not just for skin treatment but also a mental health care regime.

It is not about changing your natural complexion and how you look, but accepting your skin and investing in it to show your gratitude.

It is for all genders and everyone that has skin.

It is for your skin. For you.

  • Bold + Inclusivity

    As an India-focused brand, our belief is in equality and fraternity for all Indian skin problems and types, from complexion to types of skin to how we find a part and place for every one looking to solve their skin problems. We believe in every idea presented in the ideation of our vision. Our aim is to resolve the problems of the Indian skin with radiance.


    As a brand who believes in the idea of total transparency, every product is scientifically verified and clinically tested for irritation, sensitivity, and efficacy. Stay assured in the faith that our ingredients will deliver results in 3 weeks of using the products.

    Quality & Passion

    To ensure that the ingredients meet the daily and routine needs of India’s Gen Z, our quality is our assurance, from packaging to the product. We do not condone the use of jars or transparent bottles for packaging because our vital ingredients turn less effective when exposed to air and light. Our passion is our resolve to ensure that everyone finds a good and radiant skin to the highest degree with efficiency.


    New, vibrant, and chic. Skinvest’s line of the Fantastic 5 is an original idea to ensure that our country’s youth find the lively products they require for a healthy skin. We use innovative packaging such as airless pumps, massaging metallic rollers, and an all-new non-migrating mousse consistency.