Sunny side up - Ultra lightweight SPF 50+ PA ++++ Sunscreen 50 ml

Innovative 1 swipe spreadability™
Made for the Indian skin and weather
Natural skin finish
Ideal for monsoon season
Sweat and water resistant

₹ 599 ₹ 549(inclusive of taxes)
Prevents Tan + Sunburn Prevents Premature Aging Reduces the risk of Skin Cancer

Enriched with Vitamin C and Titanium dioxide ensuring maximum protection.

❌ No Alcohol            ✔️ 1 swipe spreadability
❌ No White Cast     ✔️ Non Sticky
❌ No Extra Actives  ✔️ Travel Friendly

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  • We created Sunny side up with one mission in mind: make sunscreen protection effortless so that you can wear it every single day, regardless of the weather.

    Sun protection, every day:
    Sunscreens can be a chore to wear. They might feel greasy, heavy, or leave an uncomfortable white cast. This often leads to skipping sunscreen, especially on cloudy days – but sun damage can happen anytime!
    The secret lies in the texture:
    Sunny side up is different. We formulated a luxurious, lightweight hybrid texture that feels like a dream between a gel and a cream. It spreads effortlessly in just one swipe, leaving a weightless, natural skin finish.
    Reapplication made easy:
    Sunny side up absorbs quickly, leaving a non-greasy feel that makes reapplication throughout the day a breeze. No more excuses –  it's comfortable sun protection you'll actually want to wear!
    Affordability meets quality:
    We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality sun protection. That's why Sunny side up is formulated with premium ingredients, yet offered at an accessible price point. Daily sun protection shouldn't break the bank!
    A boon for acne prone skin:
    Sunny side up is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and is gentle on active acne.
    Vitamin C: 
    We added Vitamin C to the formulation to double the sunscreen protection while brightening the skin tone.

    How to use
    Shake well and apply desired amount liberally on face, neck, and exposed areas. Reapply after 4 hours, especially under harsh sun or if you are swimming.


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