Enlarged pores? Here’s how to manage them

Enlarged pores are such a trouble especially when you’re doing your makeup and see the texture is highlighted. It can trouble us mentally but the bliss is in accepting them and trying to manage your skin better in the future. We’re not providing a quick fix for enlarged pores but we sure are giving tips on how you can manage them better to achieve your skin goals!

 1. What are enlarged pores and what are their causes?

    Enlarged pores are when you can spot small punctured dots on your skin that gives you uneven textured skin. To tackle enlarged pores, we must first understand that pores have the function of releasing sweat and oil too. When your skin is not healthy you will see your pores opening up and leading to more oily and congested skin. Enlarged pores can be caused due to the following reason:

    • Dehydration
    • Sun damage
    • Acne
    • Genetics
    • Loss of Collagen

     2.How to manage enlarged pores?

      So to briefly tackle the points mentioned above, you must follow certain notes. But you must know that you cannot change nature. If the reason that you have enlarged pores is genetics then you must focus on managing the pores rather than treating them since genes can’t be undone. Here’s what’s going to help you:

      • Not touching your pimples: If you have an active pimple, resist touching it because all you will get after scratching it are marks and open pores that will hurt more than the last breakup. Instead, you can use pimple patches that generally contain Salicylic acid to unclog your pores. You can also slather moisturiser over it to reduce inflammation in that area. Coming to moisturiser…
      • Moisturise your skin: Why though? Moisturiser hydrates your cells which instantly helps to make your skin look plumper. This helps in reducing the pore size. So the theory is that a well-moisturised skin cell will have a smaller pore size. A pore cannot be diminished since its function is to excrete waste through sweat and moisturise the skin by providing adequate sebum. When the skin is dry, there will be extra production of oil just to ensure that there is less transepidermal water. But this attracts germs and gunk. The moral of the story is to moisturise your skin well to manage pores.
      • Using Retinol: Retinol is a very potent active ingredient. It speeds up the growth of skin cells and exfoliates the dead skin cell layer. This helps to reveal a fresh layer of skin which will be healthier than the older upper dead skin layer. This means a smaller pore size. When it comes to using Retinol on the bum, it can really help eliminate dead skin and even out the texture and skin tone. With smooth metal rollers and the softest bum cream texture, presenting to you one of the easiest tube Bomb bum cream that comes with a lock system to make it easy for you to pack it in your vacation suitcase.
      • Use sunscreen religiously: Pores can easily be disrupted by sun damage. While the tanning beds sound like a good idea for the vacation to bronze you up, they can do much damage that may not ever be reversed. When UV rays hit the skin, it leads to inflammation due to which you may start to sweat a bit more and even turn oily. Sunrays dehydrate your skin and in response to this, our skin produces excess oil to prevent water loss. It’s a vicious damaging cycle and nothing good comes out of tanning. Hence, make sunscreen your best friend. Something like our Sunny side up fits so well in your checklist of ideal sunscreen. It is a mineral sunscreen with SPF 35, PA++++ with a non-greasy and matte finish. To top it off, it is non-comedogenic. Do we need anything more from sunscreen?!
      • Using non-comedogenic products: Right skincare aids the skin. It is extremely important to use products that sit well specifically for your skin. For the face, since the skin is more delicate than the rest of the body, you must use products that are deemed non-comedogenic. This keeps your pores assured that the product will not block them. Blocked pores enlarge in size easily when you don’t have much Collagen to support the elasticity of the skin.

      If there’s anything that you must take from this blog, it is that enlarged pores are normal and everybody has it. You can manage it by tweaking certain habits but diminished pores are an unreal goal at times!

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