Dimethicone: Should it be in your skincare?

Do you believe a difficult pronouncing ingredient such as ‘Dimethicone(Di-methi-cone)’ could be harmful to your skin? It’s time you know skincare a little more so that you can make better decisions for your skin. Our verdict is Dimethicone is a good guy and it’s tainted baselessly. Let’s understand why we say so!

 1.What is Dimethicone and why is it used in skincare and cosmetics?

Dimethicone is a silicone-based polymer which sounds like a lot of chemistry to be put on the skin but it is safe. It is the ingredient that makes you say ‘aha’ when you apply a makeup or skincare product which gives you that silky finish and airbrushed look. For someone with bumps, texture, or fine lines, dimethicone can be helpful in blurring out these perfectly cute flaws. It forms a film on your skin that helps to reduce transepidermal water loss and so you will find it in sunscreen, moisturisers, etc. Since it forms a film on your skin, it also protects your skin. The use of Dimethicone is wide. You can find it in haircare products and anti-itch powders too. So if it is so extensively used, the question is this good for your skin?

 2.Is Dimethicone safe?

FDA has approved the use of dimethicone in over-the-counter products in 1-30% and in fact investigations show that it is non-carcinogenic. Another proof that it is not harmful is that the American Contact Dermatitis Society has not included dimethicone in the list of core allergens. If you see Dimethicone in a product's ingredient list, trust the god of science, and like a woke person after reading this blog, don't be afraid to use it. Our sunscreen- Sunny side up has Dimethicone and we have smartly added Vitamin E too. The reason is Vitamin E is a great moisturiser whereas Dimethicone helps to lock in that moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss. We’ve put a lot of thought into making our sunscreen and if you get a chance to put your hands on it, you will know that the formulation is a chef’s kiss to your skin.

 3. When to visit a dermatologist?

With a great safety profile, Dimethicone is widely used for skin and hair wellness. But every individual is unique. Skincare, hence, becomes subjective. One ingredient may do great for someone and be no value addition for someone else. So just like the gold standard states patch testing with every new ingredient, we recommend spreading a little bit of Dimethicone-based product on the back of your arm for 24 hours. If you find mild rashes or irritation, before concluding anything, visit a dermatologist to know what does and does not suit your skin. Happy skin journey starts with knowing your skin a bit better every day!


Written by: Divya Salvi

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