What is the difference between male and female skin?

Have you ever wondered how come most men's skincare has charcoal in it and female’s skincare has it all? Well it is time to break the myth that such a differentiation is absolutely necessary between men and female skincare. For beginners, we will take you through the difference between male and female skin and then go on to explain if these differences mean that males and females should have different skincare. Hint: The truth to this million dollar question will make all the girls hide their skincare from their boyfriends and brothers!

 1.What is the difference between male and female skin?

  • Skin Thickness: Males comparatively have thicker skin than females and it is backed by their hormones. Males hormones called Androgens, are produced more than 10 times in males than females which serves to the thickness of the skin. This also makes female skin more vulnerable to damage. Males also have more subcutaneous fats as compared to females.
  • Sweat glands: Men have smaller sweat glands compared to females due to which they sweat less but their skin do become oily easily. This is unlike what a female's skin goes through. With the decline in hormones, their skin becomes more dry and coarse.
  • Sensitivity: Reason why female skin is more sensitive than males is because females have 50% more nerve endings compared to males.
  • Ageing: As one age, male skin becomes thinner unlike female skin who remain pretty much the same.
2.What men need different skincare?

Ingredients can never be gender specific, regardless of the differences we mentioned above. But rather using the right ingredient at the right time is important. Due to some differences in the skin naturally, their timing of using a particular would change. For example, Males don’t lose on collagen and elastin early on unlike females who should start using Retinol in her mid-twenties as a preventive act. Male can use the same Retinol treatment but after a couple of years. Having said that, every skin is unique and doesn’t come with a handbook so you’re the best judge with your dermatologists to know your skin’s needs perfectly. Skincare is just essential for males as it is for females.

We just wanted to send a message to the youth out there that we remain a gender neutral brand whose skincare serves men and women without any bias

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