Hey! I’m Krupali, your CIDESCO & VTCT Certified Cosmetologist and I am going to help you heal and maintain your skin!

Believe it or not! I had fallen in love with skincare before I realised it. I have always had acne since I was a teenager. The old saying, “acne goes away once you are 21” didn’t really work in my case. I was pursuing my Bachelor's and I still had acne. I hated it. My mum was paranoid about me going to a dermatologist so I had to take care of it my way. Since acne had always been in my family, I somewhat knew my way around it. I would eat a ton of junk during my college years, I realised I had to change my diet to treat my acne.

I started eating more fruits, veggies and whole foods. That was the start of my skincare journey. My sister then gifted me a book of essential oils and I learnt to make my own blend of anti-acne face oil. People laughed at me, “you have oily skin and yet you are applying oil and moisturiser”. I slowly built my regimen, incorporated a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser along with my special blend of oils. I was consistent, it was surely frustrating for a person like me who was impatient. After a few months my acne reduced drastically, my skin became better and had a healthy glow.

I soon got certified in Beauty Therapy and started working alongside Dr. Jamuna Pai. My lifestyle changed again, work stress entered the chat and then my acne came back. Being in the beauty industry I had to have a clear skin as per the so called “beauty standards” which meant eating pills and getting my acne extracted. It was painful and scary. My acne cleared after 2 months or so but I had scars that could only be treated by machine treatments and I didn’t want to go back to those treatments.

A few months later my acne recurred in spite of getting it treated by a dermatologist. This time I treated my acne in my way and my skin is so much better again.

Why did I tell you so much about myself you ask?

 Well healing the skin is not an overnight journey, it takes months to achieve the results. The duration differs from person to person.I am not just going to treat your skin, I am also going to improve your lifestyle if necessary to help you heal your skin and give you long lasting results.

  • Skincare goes beyond skin products, it is your diet, lifestyle, habits, sleep and stress.
  • Skincare is not limited just to the face but your entire body. It's not just for people who suffer from acne or skin problems, but also for those who have flawless skin.
  • You gotta maintain that glow, right? ;)
  • Do not eat pills unless it is a severe skin condition.

My approach to healing your skin -

One word. HOLISTIC!

No pills or prescriptions because I am not a doctor. Your body in itself is magic! It can heal itself if supported well. And I am going to help you heal your skin keeping in mind your lifestyle, habits, diet and other elements necessary.


I am a certified cosmetologist from CIDESCO (Switzerland) and VTCT Level 3.

Throughout my journey I have treated various skin conditions taking a customised approach for each one. Every skin & body has different needs and I make sure to cater to those requirements to heal it.