In shower body conditioner
Body's best hydration & acne solution

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150 ml

Why smoothie is for you :
Short on post-shower time? Tired of sticky lotions? Meet Smoothie, the game-changer in in-shower body care. It's your daily skin upgrade, offering 24-hour hydration, smoother texture, and radiant results. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to convenience. Your skin deserves Smoothie.

What it does :
24-hour hydration without hassle
Controls and reduces back and body acne
Evens out skin tone and smooths rough skin
Leaves a luxuriously radiant non-sticky feel
Quick and effective water activated formula
Ideal after-swim care with a divine fragrance
Boosts skin elasticity, barrier health and firmness

How to use :
Post-shower, apply a generous amount of 'Smoothie' to your damp body, paying attention to overlooked areas like your back, bum, elbows, and knees. Leave for a minute or two, hum a tune, then rinse. Pat dry gently, no rubbing.

How it feels :
Smoothie isn't just a body conditioner; it's a luxurious, indulgent treat for your skin. Its rich, creamy texture glides on smoothly, making self-pampering a breeze. After 1-2 minutes of magic, your skin is left smooth, hydrated, and delightfully refreshed, with no stickiness in sight.

Magic mix : 
Salicylic acid
Unclogs pores, reduces body acne

3 Ceramides
Improves skin barrier health and hydration

5 Peptides
Boosts collagen production for firmness

Shea butter
24 hrs hydration and improves skin texture

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