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150 ml

Why smoothie is for you
Applying a sticky lotion post shower is a hassle, we get it! It takes forever to blend and isn’t very comforting. So we made Smoothie - The revolutionary in-shower body conditioner. Scientifically, moisture is better retained when your skin is moist. So why not do it in the shower? Yes you read right. This water-activated formula is used in the shower as the last step. Smoothie - Your daily skin upgrade hydrates your skin for 24 hours, controls oil production, makes your skin smooooothhh. Bye bye dryness and hi to hassle free moisture. 
Your skin deserves the Smoothie treatment. invest in your skin :) 

What it does
Hassle-free 24 hour comfortable hydration
Controls and reduces back and body acne
Evens out skin tone and smooths rough skin
Leaves a luxuriously radiant non-sticky feel
Quick and effective water activated formula
Can be used after swimming for nourishment
Boosts skin elasticity, barrier health and firmness

How it feels

A luxurious sensation for your skin. Smoothie’s rich, and creamy texture glides on better than butter, making self-pampering a pleasure. After a couple of minutes of magic, your skin is left hydrated, smoothed and comfortably hydrated, with no stickiness in sight.

How to use
Use in the shower after your body wash and regular shower routine. Apply a generous amount of 'Smoothie' to your damp body, paying attention to overlooked areas like your back, bum, elbows, and knees. Leave for a minute or two, hum a tune, then get a quick rinse in the shower. Pat dry gently with your towel, no rubbing.

Who it’s for
Researched and developed specially for Indian skin, all genders and skin types. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.

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