Body luxe basics

(Smoothie + Bye bye bumps)

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(Smoothie + Bye bye bumps)
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Body Luxe Basics is a meticulously curated duo designed to elevate your body care routine with simplicity and effectiveness. This essential combination features a 24-hour hydrating body conditioner that not only nourishes and evens out skin tone but also effectively controls and reduces back and body acne. Paired with a quick and refreshing exfoliating mist, "Bye Bye Bumps," for reducing ingrown hair, redness, itching making your skin hydrated and smooth without bumps. Immerse yourself in the luxury of effortlessly maintaining skin elasticity, barrier health, and firmness. Indulge in the basics for a body care ritual that is both effective and blissfully uncomplicated.
  • Smoothie
    In shower body conditioner Body's best hydration & acne solution.
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    Bye bye bumps
    Exfoliating mist for ingrown hair, keratosis pilaris, bumps & uneven skin texture
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