CEO Glow Serum 50 ml

Multi-active skin potion that does it all

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  • Why CEO Serum is for you?
    CEO is the only serum you will need for a multitude of skincare concerns. It not only simplifies and shortens your routine but also delivers noticeable results. It treats and prevents acne, dark spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture while deeply hydrating your skin. It mildly exfoliates your skin while enhancing barrier health.

    Using multiple serums and products containing different actives that are not formulated together for stability usually either backfires or reduces the effectiveness. CEO serum is a mixture of 27 Indian botanicals, antioxidants, and probiotics that are formulated together and tested for stability. This way you don’t have to experiment and be an at-home chemist.

    It comes in the air-less pump packaging that ensures longevity and prevents oxidization, so you get the best with each application.

    Note: If your skin is not used to exfoliation, start with 3 uses/week and slowly build up. In 2 weeks of use, you will start seeing softer, hydrated and healthier skin.

    How to use
    Dispense one - two pumps onto your palm and gently pat onto damp skin, covering your entire face and neck. Suitable for both morning and evening use. Toner is optional.

    How it feels
    Feels like liquid silk – a translucent, luxurious elixir that effortlessly absorbs into the skin leaving behind a healthy glow.

    This is a powerful serum with a high % of actives that make it super effective. 
Do not use any other serum with CEO, you don’t really need anything else. If your skin is new to exfoliation you MIGHT face some purging (a temporary reaction that looks like breakouts, but it's actually your skin working to clear itself out). This is normal and will go away once your skin gets used to it after 2-3 uses. Always start by patch testing and incorporate it in your routine slowly (2-3 times a week at night). As you see improvements in your skin, slowly increase the usage (5 times / week) to finally using it daily (AM/PM)

    Who is it for
    Researched and developed specially for Indian skin, all genders and skin types. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.

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