Unique packaging that didn’t go unnoticed in Shark Tank India Season 3

Picture this: You’re strutting by the beach wearing a bikini for the first time or maybe you’re lounging by the pool. We’d all love flawless bum but little do we know how to reduce the appearance of those pesky stretch marks all around. That’s where we come in -  An Indian skincare brand that’s proudly vegan and cruelty-free and over the years we’ve advocated sticking to skincare that is formulated for all genders and Indian skin. It’s the vision that separated us and helped us face the Shark Tank India Judges of Season 3. 
A particular product that caught their attention was our hero- Bomb bum cream. The cream that makes your bikini days carefree. Of course, those who have white stretch marks and know a teeny bit of biology would know that these are stubborn stretch marks that’ve been neglected for years. But you can reduce it to a great extent if you care for it every day. And when it comes to red stretch marks, you can see it being treated with consistent use. But this alone did not impress the sharks. The cherry on the cake was the packaging. And those of you who’ve tried it, know there’s no fluff when we say that it is one-of-its-kind. Unlock-press-lock and massage the cream with a built-in massager present on the dispenser. The coolness of metal and the light tenure of cream is the secret to its success. Some bullet points on what can you expect from Bomb Bum Cream:

  • Seamless application with the built-in massager that helps with increasing blood circulation, which is an important factor in reducing stretch marks, also helps spread the cream evenly on your bum without the mess. Massages are known to give you relaxed muscles and good skin and that’s because massaging is proven to break down cellulite by increasing blood circulation. We’re not the only ones saying this. The sharks didn’t bite back their words while commenting on the packaging which is made for ease!
  • The formulation is a chef’s kiss. It has liposomal retinol which means retinol encapsulated in lipids hence making it suitable for sensitive skin. Retinol along with amino acids make a good pack to tighten your skin. Other Indian herbs like ginger extracts and centella asiatica extracts work actively to heal your inflamed skin while sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E work to hydrate your skin. We’re transparent and the full ingredient list along with the role is stated here.

The question remains if Bomb Bum Cream turns out to be the best skincare product on Shark Tank India Season 3. Watch out for our space to know the same!


1.Can you erase stretch marks?
Not really. There are two types of stretch marks- white and red. Red are the ones which are in the formative stage and if you don’t take care of them, they will turn into white stubborn stretch marks. Hence, red stretch marks can be treated while white stretch marks need consistent care with crafted creams like Bomb Bum Cream to see improvement.

2.Do you need to massage your stretch marks if you’re already taking care of it with a cream?
Yes. While creams on stretch marks are essential to hydrate and nourish, it is equally important to ensure increasing blood circulation in this area. Bomb bum cream is the obvious choice for those who want complete care for your stretch marks in one tube since it has a built-in massager.

3.How often should I use Bomb bum cream?
We recommend it every day after the shower. You can even use it twice a day. In case you’re wearing a bikini then avoid using it as it has Retinol which is sun sensitive.

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