‘Malai’ during grandma’s youth to Smoothie in a functional bottle: here’s what the Sharks at Shark tank India season 3 were all ears for

Haven’t we all found reasons to run away from using moisturiser? Summers are just too humid to use moisturiser while in winter we seldom apply moisturiser to the body parts that will be hidden. But what if we get a milky in-shower body conditioner? Sounds cool, right? Wait till you try it for yourself. This product had such a chokehold over the sharks as well. Uh yes, we went to Shark Tank India Season 3 and the judges were all ears for our slurpy Smoothie made for skin. We can’t wait for you to see how our pitch went at Shark Tank India Season 3!
Do you think Skinvest products could be the best skin care products to be brought on Shark Tank India? Comment below!

Coming to Smoothie- in-shower body conditioner, we have many things to tell you but first, let us start with what exactly can you expect if you buy it for the first time-

  • It’s a lightweight body conditioner which is used right after the shower on damp skin. It may feel like milky gel which is packed with 3 types of ceramides, 5 peptides, and a mix of butter and oils like Shea, Rosehip, and Hemp oil. This may sound like it’s going to be greasy on the skin but thanks to innovation, this water-activated formula is extremely lightweight. If you have extremely dry skin, then you can use a body moisturiser after a smoothie but in summer, you can put your bets on smoothie to moisturise without the grease.
  • Another reason why we fiercely believe in smoothie is purely because of how multi-functional it is. It not only moisturises but also exfoliates the skin. You know how difficult it gets to reach the back or get around your bum and underarms to moisturise. With smoothie, you can easily glide it all around your body. Wait for a couple of minutes, during which you can massage your body, and then wash it off.

Body conditioners are rarely hyped in the market but smoothie is not to be missed just like how it did not go unnoticed at Shark Tank India Season 3. The worst that it can do to your skin is leave your skin moisturised, plumped and even-toned!


1.How to use Smoothie?
Pretty easy! After you’re done showering, pump out a generous amount of Smoothie and massage it all over your body. It feels like you’re applying milky gel over your body. Wait for a minute or two and wash it off. Pat dry your skin and Voila!

2.Can Smoothie treat my bacne?
Smoothie has chemical exfoliants and hence can exfoliate. It also has ceramides and non-comedogenic oil which makes it a hydrating formula to treat acne all over your body with consistent usage.

3. Can I use Smoothie over dry skin?
Smoothie is a water-activated formula which is why it needs to be applied post-shower on damp skin to access its complete benefits.

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