If you think Good skin is just about slapping on some products, think again. Achieving a glowing and healthy skin is a holistic journey that involves healthy habits, balanced diet, restful sleep, and a little self-love. And let's be real - it's not gonna happen overnight. But don't sweat it! Skinvest's SkinVision consultancy programme is here to help you achieve your skincare goals in a wholesome and personalized way. Our top-notch consultant will whip up a customized routine based on your goals and concerns, suggest the best products, ingredients, lifestyle changes while schooling you on all things skincare. It's a holistic approach, baby! So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey to healthy skin - today!

Meet Krupali Sangoi
Certified cosmetologist from CIDESCO (Switzerland) and VTCT Level 3

Throughout her journey, she has treated various skin conditions taking a customised approach for each one. Every skin & body has different needs and she makes sure to cater to those requirements to heal and maintain it.


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