Vanilla Mint Lipbalm SPF 15


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Keep your lips hydrated and soft with our Vanilla Mint SPF lip balm, infused with nourishing ingredients. Now you can enjoy the sun without worrying about damaging your lips.

Enriched with Jojoba ,Moringa Oil and Vitamin E

Vitamin E being an effective antioxidant helps to protect the lips from environmental stresses, while  jojoba oil and moringa oil are rich in fatty acids that aid to moisturise and nourish the lips.

12 hours intense hydration

Using a lip balm that provides 12 hours of intense hydration and contains SPF can help to prevent dryness, cracking, and sun damage, and keep your lips healthy and smooth.

Vanilla Mint

Enjoy the sweet and comforting aroma of vanilla paired with the revitalizing scent of mint with this vanilla mint flavoured lip balm

80% Less Plastic Packaging

Our outertube is made with 80% less plastic packaging, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and move towards a more sustainable future.

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