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Lash life ; bro brow

Fuller, Thicker & Longer Eyelashes + Eyebrows

Uniforms Patchy Beard for Men

Armed with Amino acids, ceramides, and nutrients that improves growth and provides a dark, thick, and lengthy eyebrows and lashes, Lash Life is perfect for men and women looking for a suave change. Also, it provides an uniform patchy beard for men.

Make sure your eyes and eyebrows are free of makeup. Spread the brush head evenly from an angle from the root to the tail on the eye with back and forth motion 2-3 times. Pay attention and gently smear on the root-line of your lower eyelash.
For eyebrows, apply with short strokes on the desired area of the brows using the applicator brush.
For patchy beard, apply the serum using the brush on the desired area of hair growth.
Use it before going to bed and leave it overnight everyday.

Peptides: Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16,& Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 in this formulation help to support the lashes & brows by promoting the production of keratin and slow down its thinning to enable it to look fuller and longer.
Amino acids: Amino acids being the building blocks they nourish,strengthen, promote thickness of the lashes, brows and add volume to patchy beards.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract enriched with epigallocatechin gallate and avonoids helps to maintain the growth of lashes and brows for a healthy look.

Castor Oil: Castor oil, rich in Ricinoleic acid, moisturises and promotes thickness which also provides voluminous shiny lashes and brows.

Apigenin: Apigenin and aavonoid combats issues pertinent to the beard well. It boosts beard hair growth to make the beard appear fuller and denser.

Oleanolic Acid: Oleanolic acid helps to uniform patchy beard via stimulation of hair growth.

BiotinoylTripeptide-1: Biotinoyltripeptide keeps the hair strong with follicles and in its place to deliver thicker brows, beard & eyelashes.
Serenoa serrulata (Saw palmetto) Fruit extract: Saw palmetto helps to address issues pertinent to the patchy beard as well as it helps to retard thinning of the beard.

Collagen: Collagen retains the elasticity of the skin underneath lashes and brows to keep it rm and toned. Being rich in amino acids, It boosts keratin protein and facilitates hair to grow faster, longer, and stronger for a vibrant look.
Biotin & DL-Panthenol: Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin enriches hair with nutrients and gives a lip to the brows and lashes to make it appear darker and thicker. Also, DL- Panthenol conditions, moisturises and adds shine to the hair.

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