Bomb bum cream + Light it up


Goodbye hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

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  •  Bomb bum cream and Light it up combo is meant for all skin type that needs a solution for hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. The body mist is formulated with Vitamin E, and Retinol liposomes along with Bakuchiol oil to nourish your skin and reduce pigmentation around the inner thighs, underarms, neck, elbows, knees, etc. You can also spray it on pigmented bum skin and go next with our Bomb bum cream. Bomb bum cream is formulated with Caffeine, Retinol liposomes, Collagen, Antioxidants, Raspberry Ketone and Fisetin to moisturise and smoothen dimpled skin. It comes with 5 metallic ball massager on top and improves blood circulation. All of our products are non-drying and fast-absorbing formulas which makes them perfect for AM routine too. This duo works perfectly to make you more confident flaunting your curves in a bikini. 

    Bomb bum cream:
    Skin tightening body cream
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    Light it up:
    Pigmentation correcting body mist
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