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Hair growth serum

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Size: 10 ml

Why lash life bro brow is for you
Long eyelashes and bushy eyebrows can significantly enhance your facial features, and the popularity for this trend is well-deserved. This first-in-the-market hair growth serum nourishes your eyebrows and eyelashes with clinically tested, safe, and effective ingredients. It improves hair growth and promotes bushy, thick, and long eyebrows and eyelashes. It contains Amino Acids, Castor oil, Ceramides, Collagen, Peptides, Biotin, and Apigenin and is effective with 3 weeks of regular use. It can be used for beard enhancement and growth to fill the empty patches.

How to use
Make sure your eyes and eyebrows are free of makeup. Spread the brush head evenly from an angle from the root to the tail on the eye with back and forth motion 2-3 times. Pay attention and gently smear on the root-line of your lower eyelash and leave it overnight
For eyebrows, apply with short strokes on the desired area of the brows using the applicator brush and leave it overnight
For patchy beard, apply the serum using the brush on the desired area of hair growth, and leave it overnight

How it feels
A serum based translucent liquid that has a cooling and nourishing sensation once applied.

Magic mix
Amino acids
Castor oil

Who can use
Lash life bro brow is for everyone, regardless of skin type or gender. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.

  • dermatologist recommended eyebrow serum in India

    What it is

    Eyelash, eyebrows and beard hair growth serum

    With Amino Acids, Ceramides, Collagen, Peptides, Biotin and Apigenin