Bright Eyes & Bold Brows Comb 1

(Lash life; Bro brow + DND under eye mousse)

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(Lash life; Bro brow + DND under eye mousse)
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  • Bright eyes & bold brows combo is an easy two step routine for all the care your eyes, eye lashes and eyebrows need. DND under eye mousse is brightens dark circles and firms fine lines. The mousse texture ensures that the product stays in place to maximize efficacy and deliver an instant brightening effect. While lash life bro brow is the first-in-the-market hair growth serum nourishes your eyebrows and eyelashes with clinically tested, safe, and effective ingredients. It improves hair growth and promotes bushy, thick, and long eyebrows and eyelashes. It contains Amino Acids, Castor oil, Ceramides, Collagen, Peptides, Biotin, and Apigenin and is effective with 3 weeks of regular use. Get ready to glow with this perfect pair, making beauty a breeze!
    under eye mousse brightens dark circles + firms fine lines
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    Lash life; Bro brow:
    Hair growth serum
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